Flip your marketing strategy this Pancake Day

As a full service marketing agency, our team caters for every kind of marketing need. While it’s tempting to stick to what you know (if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it and all that) there’s always room to make small tweaks that can make a big difference.

While traditional marketing undoubtedly still has its place, and works best when it’s used hand in hand with digital marketing methods, being forward thinking with strategy has never been more important.

At PRG, we’ve compiled a list of small changes you can make to your marketing strategy to try something new.

FLIP – Traditional print adverts for Facebook advertising

There’s no arguing a well-placed and designed printed advert can prove valuable, but to try something new, why not set budget aside to trial Facebook advertising? With a number of targeting options available, and flexible budgeting options, the social network gives advertisers the opportunity to create defined audiences who are most likely to connect with a brand, a product or a service. What’s more, if you feel you can get better value from your print ads, you can turn off your Facebook ones at the touch of a button.

FLIP – Editorial for Blog Content

Strong content on any platform is important to get potential customers and users engaging with your brand. Paid for or free editorial in magazines, newspapers or business journals undoubtedly has its place in both B2B and B2C marketing strategies, but with online PR the backbone of SEO, it’s worth thinking about how you can take your content online. Most magazines and newspapers have online counterparts, so moving with the trends is crucial.

From having a company blog on your website, to guest blogging or creating a strategy for online PR, there’s plenty of ways to get your content seen digitally.

FLIP – Your written story for a visual

It could be a story you’d normally tell in print, or it could be an interview you’d normally conduct in written form, but there are other creative and engaging ways to bring what your brand has to say to life online. If you’d usually use written editorial to give statistics or create PR opportunities, consider some exciting artwork in the form of an infographic. In the age of social media, these are crucially very shareable.

If you have a question and answer session you’d normally write up, consider ‘going live’ or using video instead. There are so many platforms that different lengths and topics of video work for in today’s digital era. The key is finding the right platform for your business.

FLIP – Your written copy for an event or photocall

A press release can be useful for gaining press coverage, but why not take it one step further if you have a specific campaign to promote by arranging a photocall or press event for journalists? Not only will you have their attention for the duration of the event away from distractions, it’s also a great way to provide journalists with ready-made content and photos, and build lasting relationships. What better way to demonstrate what your product or services are all about?!

FLIP – Your text heavy ad for sleek graphic design

If you’ve paid for an advert, it can be tempting to fit as much of your written message in to the space you have as possible. They say a picture tells a thousand words, so consider how sleekly designed artwork can transform your adverts, offering a clear and powerful message. Strong visuals can help make sure your brand is instantly recognisable, and your products desirable.

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