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PRG has an in-house development team with over 10 years’ experience with WordPress.

Over the years, PRG has tried numerous Content Management Systems (CMS), from Expression Engine to Joomla, from Jshop Server to fully bespoke solutions. Finally, we decided to settle on the one platform, WordPress.


WordPress has grown immensely in popularity over the years and now runs over 40% of the World Wide Web. With its many free themes and plugins, it boasts an enormous amount of flexibility and continues to evolve.

Whilst there are many free and indeed premium (paid for) themes, PRG develops all of its clients themes in-house (a theme is the WordPress term for the overall design and aesthetics). Doing so helps us to keep the code clean, streamlined and tailored for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Whilst themes come with some fantastic features, they can also be very bloaty on code, not to mention come with premium plugins that don’t include the licence for any updates that may be required. In turn, this can lead to security issues if the site is not properly maintained.

We use a minimum, core number of tried and tested plugins (a plugin is the WordPress term for additional functionality that can be added to the website). Whilst it’s easy to keep adding plugins for functionality, we try to code our own solutions into the theme. Not only does it provide more control, it keeps the number of plugins down and helps with added security preventing the need for  third party code. Not all plugins work well together either, sometimes leading to coding conflict issues and rendering other plugins useless. Furthermore, we can tailor the functionality to the clients’ needs, rather than having unused features bloating out the CMS or trying to make a feature function incorrectly. This helps with the overall site’s performance and helps maintain the site database structure and integrity.

Maintaining your WordPress website is very similar to servicing your car! By regular optimisation and keeping the site up-to-date, it helps ensure your site runs optimally. After all, slow loading sites (as a result of poor maintenance) not only deters site visitors but also ranks against you in terms of SEO.

At PRG we can also help you with WordPress optimisation, WordPress SEO, WordPress maintenance and additional features and functionality you may require.

So, if you’re thinking of getting a new website or have an existing CMS you’re unhappy with, contact our web development team today on 01323 411044 or by emailing info@prgltd.co.uk.

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