Motivate your employees on Employee Appreciation Day

Top 5 employee motivators

Employee motivation is the ability to encourage your employees to do their job better and more efficiently for their own benefit and the benefit of the business. The ability to motivate staff is a skill that all business owners and managers need to master, since maintaining a happy and motivated workforce is a key contributing factor to business success.

As a company director or team manager, it’s very easy to get wrapped up in your day-to-day tasks and the running of the business. That is no excuse. It only takes a few minutes out of your working day to ask your employees if they’re getting the support they need or to congratulate them on a job well done.

With today being Employee Appreciation Day, it’s the perfect time for employers to assess whether they’re successfully motivating their staff, and if not, put some measures in place to ensure that recognising their employees becomes a regular part of their working week.

To get into the spirit of Employee Appreciation Day, we asked our employees to take a vote on the Top 5 Employee Motivators and share some of their experiences from working at PRG Marketing Communications.

And the results are in

We asked our employees to rank the following five motivators in order of importance;

  • Challenging Work
  • Commute
  • Recognition
  • Remuneration
  • Working Relationships

With one, indicating the least important factor for motivation and five, being the most important.

It was a close call for the top spot with the desire for Challenging Work (27%) marginally beating Working Relationships and Recognition, which came in joint second position with 25%.

Remuneration then scored 14% with the least important motivational factor being Commute which counted just 9%.

Although we approached the task as a fun exercise for the purpose of Employee Appreciation Day, at the same time it offered us useful feedback on what our employees think of our business.

At PRG, we’re very proud to have a high employee retention rate. Our 14 employees have worked here a total of 142 years, an average of 10 years per person, which is something we’re very proud of and one of the reasons we’re one of the leading marketing communications agencies in Sussex.

So, what makes PRG a great marketing agency to work for? Here is what some of our employees say:

Account Manager, Amy Tibbals said: “Personally I like the truly diverse working day which only really comes from working in an agency setting. I can be writing a blog about baby sleep one minute and brainstorming for a nationwide ad campaign the next minute.”

Sales Executive, Yasmin Dyson said: “I like working at PRG because it offers a friendly environment and offers much more flexibility than large corporate organisations. Everyone in the company makes you feel comfortable and valued – it’s almost like a little PRG family!

Web Development Manager, Ian Jarvis said: “The diversity of the jobs we work on is a motivator for me and my team. The ability to jump from job to job isn’t always easy and some of the technical aspects can be challenging, however, when this happens, we pull resources and try to think outside the box for solutions, it’s great to know I have the support of my team around me as and when required.”

Account Manager, Becky Rowland said: “Every day is different at PRG with a variety of clients and opportunities to deliver multi-channel campaigns from traditional to digital. It is great to be part of such a dynamic professional marketing community – and on the sunniest coast of Britain!”

If it’s been a while since you recognised your employees for their contribution to your business, make today that day.

Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

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