The recipe for marketing campaign success – Pancake Day 2019

You may be wondering what pancakes have to do with marketing? Well, it turns out the breakfast staple actually has more in common with marketing than you may think. While many argue over the best pancake toppings, one thing’s for sure – for the most part, the basic ingredients remain the same. The same can be said for your marketing campaigns – while your basic ingredients for success (implementing analytics, choosing the right platforms and execution etc) should remain consistent, your campaigns should be altered depending on your objectives (a bit like tasty pancake toppings!)

So, while there isn’t just one recipe for marketing campaign success, our team of marketing experts (and pancake lovers!) have put together their ingredients for effective marketing:

Ingredients for marketing campaign success

You will need:

An achievable, measurable objective / foundation for your campaign (Or 100g of plain flour if you’re making pancakes)

A well-researched channel to add to the campaign to reach your customers (2 large eggs)

A dash of creativity so your campaign isn’t tossed to one side (300ml of milk)

Sufficient measurement tools and analytics in place to ensure your campaign doesn’t get you in to a sticky situation (Sunflower or Veg Oil)

Toppings – A tasty budget may vary, much like the toppings of your pancakes!

(Recipe credit: BBC Good Food, Marketing recipe by PRG Marketing Communications)

Marketing Method

Put the objective at the start of your campaign. Your objective should be achievable so it’s best to do your research in to which channels you’ll use and what your budget can give you first. Dependent on which channel you decide to use, you’ll need to make sure your objective is measurable. After all, no one wants their pancakes sticking to the pan because they got their ingredient measures wrong!

Prepare for your marketing campaign by laying strong foundations. Ensure your website has sufficient tracking in place and utilise tools such as Google Tag Manager to make sure your marketing efforts aren’t tossed in the bin.

Once you have a solid objective/set of objectives you can then begin to add your channels to the centre of the mixture. Whether you’re using social media, email marketing or Google Ads, be sure to pick good quality ingredients specific to your chosen platform. For example, for Facebook, you’ll need great images and for Google Ads you’ll need to make sure your keywords don’t have a soggy bottom!

Coming up with marketing campaign ideas can take time, so gradually add creative blog, imagery and video content to the mix. If you’re new to marketing, setting a modest budget and gradually adding to it to see what works can help ensure your mixture whisks you to success.

Once you have the perfect pancake, it’s time to start thinking about your toppings. If you’re looking at your campaign and feel it needs a different approach, don’t be afraid to try something new – there’s plenty of treats available!

To find out more about marketing campaigns please contact us or to find out how to make great pancakes visit bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/2907669/easy-pancakes

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