SME web development grants are up for grabs now!

Web development grants are now able to be obtained by businesses in East Sussex. Grants have long been available for SMEs in the region, but recent changes to grant criteria mean companies can now apply for grants to be used on items classed as ‘revenue.’

Previously, grants were only available for capital expenditure. This meant grant funding would cover investment in to new equipment and kit. The new rules mean grants can be spent on revenue items such as having a new website designed or built – great news for your marketing strategy!

The web development grants are available via local business support service Business East Sussex (BES) – a long standing client of PRG. The team at BES will guide applicants through the application process, supporting business owners from initial enquiry to filling in the relevant paperwork, making for a hassle free experience.

In order to be considered for the grant via Business East Sussex businesses should be based in East Sussex, but applicants from Essex and Kent may also be considered. Businesses should demonstrate their eligibility by showing that their company would be more efficient and productive with a new website.

Revenue grants offer small and medium businesses from across the county the opportunity to apply for free money up to the value of £5,000. The minimum amount available per application is £1000 – you fund 70% of the cost of usage, and the grant will cover the remaining 30%.

Ian Smallwood, Head of Business Services for Business East Sussex says ‘We are thrilled the grants are now available towards revenue items. There are now a wide range of uses for this support which will enable businesses across the county to grow and thrive.’

Whether you’re an e-commerce business or you simply want an online presence for your brand, a fully responsive and well-designed website is an important part of marketing. What’s more, the implementation of statistics behind your website via Google Analytics can offer valuable insight in to the behaviours of your target market.

Ian Jarvis, Web Development Manager at PRG says ‘An optimised website is a valuable asset for any business, no matter the size or industry. We are pleased to hear that this is being recognised through the grants service provided by Business East Sussex.’

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