5 top marketing trends for 2017

Have you finalised your marketing strategy for 2017? Before you put the final full stop on your plan, it’s worth considering how you can apply 2017’s top marketing trends to your business’ strategy.

When used correctly, not only will they help you effectively engage with your target markets, adopting them will also prove your business is forward thinking and if you can get creative with them, demonstrate innovation.

Here at PRG, we’re proud to work for a wide variety of clients, all selling different services and products to different groups of people. We pride ourselves on offering a full marketing service, so we’ve compiled a list of the top marketing trends to look out for in 2017…

1. Going Live

The ‘live’ function has been around for a while now on various platforms, but with two of the biggest social media platforms Facebook and Instagram adopting the live video trend; it seems that going live is definitely here to stay. It isn’t only social media platforms that are encouraging us all to provide an insight to our here and now either- Youtube recently added a ‘live’ function, allowing influencers to take daily vlogging to a whole new level.

Providing a connection with audiences and fulfilling the demand for instant gratification means that this platform can be utilised to more effectively reach target markets. For B2B businesses, going ‘live’ allows scope for Q &A’s, informative company ‘vlogs’ and a whole lot more!

2. Working with influencers

Blogging and vlogging has taken off significantly over the last few years and influencers are now great for PR, joining journalists and celebrities in their power for harnessing coverage and connecting with audiences.

While bloggers and social media influencers are undoubtedly useful for B2C brands, due to the strong connection they have with their follower base, industry experts and speakers with large social media followings can provide a useful platform for brands operating within the B2B sector, helping to position brands as experts in their fields.

3. Be mobile

It’s no secret that mobile usage has soared over recent years, and having a responsive website is now not seen as optional, instead it’s expected.

As ever increasing numbers of us move towards mobile usage, thinking about ensuring all aspects of your marketing work on mobile is crucial. From your Facebook posts to your website, failure to keep up with current usage trends and consider how your content looks on a smartphone could prove an issue for your overall marketing strategy. Ignore at your peril!

4. Personalise your content

Increasing numbers of people are becoming savvier to marketing techniques, which is why personalising your content is important in order to keeping audiences engaged with your brand.

By advertising to everyone in the hope of striking lucky, you’re likely appealing to no one and your message and valuable budget will be likely lost. Simple actions such as targeting people by name in e-shots can make all the difference. Even better, if you are an e-commerce brand, consider re-marketing via Facebook adverts if customers leave items in their baskets.

5. Virtual Reality

Remember Pokemon Go? Of course you do! With all the new technologies on the market, today’s consumers expect a fully immersive experience, meaning advertisers and marketers are consistently seeking new and innovative ways to target their preferred audiences. Virtual Reality may not be within everyone’s budget, but it’s definitely one to keep an eye on during 2017 as brands aim to connect more closely with their customers.

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