Shoot to score – social media marketing tips that hit the back of the net

With the 2018 World Cup in full swing, the marketing experts at PRG have been swept up in the football fever that’s gripped the nation. Being marketers, we couldn’t help but notice the similarities between football and one of our favourite ways of marketing your business; social media campaigns. In our new infographic, we’ve compiled some handy hints that work whether you’re on the pitch or in the boardroom…

Keep ahead of the game

Like football during the World Cup, social media is reactive. Platforms move fast and you have to be adaptable and willing to learn new techniques in order to keep your campaigns fresh and relevant. Getting comfortable and resting on your laurels could result in an offside campaign, so make like the England squad and treat every match as a new and exciting challenge!

Be a team player

The key to a great social media campaign is making it shareable and relatable. When creating your campaign content, ask yourself if you would share it or encourage others to. Being a team player is important both on and off the World Cup pitch!

Think goals!

This is a big one on and off the field. After all, scoring a goal is what decides if you win the match or if your campaign is relegated. It’s important to set achievable, measurable goals before undertaking any social media campaign, then post campaign you can assess if you scored or if you need to give the campaign a red card.

Know your opposition

How often do you asses what your competitors are doing? Scaring off the opposition with a well-executed campaign is the aim, but if you’re stuck for how to set yourself apart initially, do your research. Undertake a team analysis to work out what areas need defending and what you can do better than the opposition and play to your strengths. If you spot a gap, think how you can communicate what you do better.

Don’t get caught offside

Be aware of the new rules surrounding GDPR, it is one area where you certainly don’t want to get caught offside!

Post-match analysis

Your campaign was carefully planned and executed, but were the results what you were hoping for? Analyse what worked and what didn’t and make notes for the future. Perhaps you didn’t meet your objectives but you still gained something valuable from the campaign – it’s worth noting down what this was in your post-match analysis, even if it was unexpected. Be sure to remember what worked well too for future reference.

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