4 reasons to use video production to promote your business

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Realise The Power of Video Content

Matt Derbyshire, founder of Smokescreen Visuals, Eastbourne’s premier film production company explains why you should use professional film and video content to enhance your business.

The proverb “a picture is worth a thousand words” refers to the notion that an image can tell a story as effectively – and sometimes more effectively – than a large amount of text. It was first used by Frederick R. Barnard in Printer’s Ink in December 1921 and is still used today to celebrate the power of images.

So, if a single picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a video production can do for your business’read on to find out the top four reasons you should use this creative medium.

  1. Credibility – Film productions make material more believable since the viewer can see it in action, be it a new product or instructions on how to do something. Through using video content on your website, you can demonstrate the before and after effects of your product, and show testimonials from your customers. All of this helps lend credibility to you and your business and increase your profits.
  2. Stand-out – Video content also grabs a viewer’s attention. In an online world filled with text and pictures marketing new things, a well-constructed video really stands out to consumers. It tempts them to take action on your words, and it helps you build a relationship with them by adding a personal touch to your campaign. This is a very important aspect of video production, as having a relationship with your customers is what will keep them coming back.
  3. Accuracy – Film is more precise than text. Why describe something to your visitors when you can show them? Visuals are far better in explaining or presenting information and products than plain text or still pictures. Customers will also be impressed and appreciative that you chose to take the more direct approach which makes them all the more likely to do business with you.
  4. Entertainment – Video productions can make complicated and long reading material into an entertaining multimedia experience, and one that is likely to be shared via viral marketing. You can make your film more than just information by adding a bit of humour; it will spread like wildfire. Because of this – as well as the fact that a lot of search engines push multimedia rich websites to the top of their rankings – video content has quickly become an industry standard, and rejecting it means throwing away a lot of potential profits.

Although you may think ‘I’ve got a camera – I’ll create a film myself’, video production is not a craze; it’s a necessary part of doing business and getting found on the web. While amateur videos have good qualities, film productions should not be amateurish. Good lighting, good audio and smooth movement are extremely important.

As with most good things on the web, it’s all about quality content. A professional video production company will ensure that your film not only looks good but presents fresh, relevant content in a way that will keep your audience engaged.

PRG Marketing Communications is pleased to be working with Smokescreen Visuals to produce creative, inspirational video content for our clients. The creative team at Smokescreen strives to create bespoke films combining the corporate needs of clients with captivating visual flair. The company’s video productions are cutting-edge, which is why they have won numerous National awards and have an impressive client portfolio including the NHS, BMW, The Craft Guild of Chefs and The London Mint Office.

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