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Award-winning refrigeration database advertising and promotion materials


REFCOM commissioned PRG to develop advertising and promotion materials for its Refrigerant Tracking Database. This software programme enables firms active in the air conditioning & refrigeration industry to accurately track refrigerant handling, creating an audit trail of every transaction.


To produce a promotional database leaflet, our marketing team brainstormed a number of ideas and recommended the visual theme of penguins and a cold, icy backdrop.

We developed this theme with imagery of a penguin diving into water and a line of penguins following each other across the ice, with the strapline ‘REFCOM is moving forward.’ Other designs showed penguins nurturing their young, with the strapline ‘REFCOM, the new generation has arrived.’

Following the success of the promotional leaflet, we produced adverts for the trade press, and DVD covers and stickers for the database packaging.

We also wrote a press announcement about the REFCOM Refrigerant Tracking Database and assisted in building a strong case for REFCOM’s entry to the 2007 Cooling Industry Awards.


Thanks in part to our publicity efforts and PR advice, the REFCOM Refrigerant Tracking Database won the Field Service Innovation of the Year Award at the 2007 Cooling Industry Awards.


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