Positioning Keston Boilers as a Premium Brand

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Keston Boilers


As David Ogilvy, the founding father of the advertising industry, once observed: “Every advertisement should be thought of as a contribution to the complex symbol which is the brand image.” Brand personality is all the more important when products are indistinguishable from competitors’ – and in the case of many boilers, a box is a box is a box. However, determined to stand out from the competition, Keston Boilers asked PRG to position it as a premium brand to allow the company to command premium prices for its boiler range.


With previous experience working for Vaillant Boilers and Ideal Boilers, we had a good understanding of what the trade look for in a boiler, which helped us in coming up with a creative advertising campaign.

In one advertisement for Keston, we affirmed the calibre of the boilers by showing the types of buildings in which they were installed, including Windsor Castle.

In an advertisement announcing the new Q37 boiler, we capitalised on the theft of the prototype by not showing the usual picture of a white metal box. We showed, instead, a space on top of a pedestal in the art gallery where the boiler should have been, with ‘crime scene’ ribbons in the foreground.

In another ad for the C30 domestic boiler, we communicated its key advantage – sighting flexibility – by making the uniquely long flue a stylised part of the graphic design with the clear headline ‘The boiler that goes where others can’t.’


The three advertisements detailed here were important for Keston’s image.  The first gave a sense of the quality of Keston’s boilers, by being linked to the royal family. The second induced curiosity from the customer, making the boiler stand out from its competition, and the third was designed in its clean whiteness and choice of typography, to be evocative of ads run by premium German car brands. All of this was successful in making Keston Boilers advertising campaign attract the attention it deserved.

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