Serving the Drinks Industry for 10 Years!

H T White is a well-known specialist wine merchant that has been supplying wines, spirits, beers and soft drinks to the licensed trade for over a century.

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H T White & Co. Ltd




The company supplies to licensed outlets such as Hotels, Restaurants and Pubs in East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent and part of Surrey.

Looking for a local marketing agency, in 2005 H T White approached PRG in need of a 4-page price list brochure to send to its clients and new prospects on a bi-monthly basis.


We started by listening to the needs of the client and asking open questions, such as: what would you like to achieve? How would you like the price list brochure to look?

Once we’d completed the research phase, H T White provided us with the copy and a selection of photos and then created a design with them on screen that was appealing to the eye, yet informative and precise to promote each individual product.

Since creating the price list brochure template, we have designed and amended adverts in the brochure for customers such as Jack Daniels.  We have also created invites for their Annual Wine Tasting and Trade Show which they hold in Eastbourne, Brighton and Hastings.

As well as this, we produce a 86 page wine brochure every two years plus an offer sheet that ranges from 4-12 pages, all of which are 4 colour and delivered to HT White’s customers.


In the last 10 years H T White has grown considerably to become one of the largest wine merchants in the area and along the way, the original price list brochure has evolved from a 4-page leaflet into a 40-48 page comprehensive brochure.

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