Clay and Field Shooting Specialists Sport New Optimised Site

Although successful on eBay, The Sporting Store website generated few orders.

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The Sporting Store


Web Design


The clay and field shooting specialists hired PRG to find out why.

A new e-commerce website was needed to make the site more visually appealing and to introduce clear calls to action. Performance in search engine results left much to be desired and needed to be improved as part of the process.


We created a colour scheme that complimented the country purists the site catered for and also redesigned the company’s logo.

To improve the site’s ranking in the search engines, we implemented SEO techniques and edited existing copy to make it search engine friendly.

We also introduced a one-stop checkout facility to streamline transactions, making it easier and quicker for customers to make a purchase. Integrated into the site is an alert system linked to stock numbers, telling The Sporting Store if an item is running low. If a product is out of stock, customers will be unable to purchase the item.

The Sporting Store website boasts a powerful payment encryption, an integrated Paypal facility and increased functionality.

Customers can also recommend products to their friends via the ‘send to a friend’ function and can join Facebook and Twitter to receive special promotions and discounts.


The Sporting Store is now the proud owner of a fully-functioning e-commerce website which acts as a powerful sales tool in line with the company’s business model.

The website is easy to use for customers and now more visible thanks to the additional SEO work carried out by our digital team.

Take a look at the website here: www.thesportingstore.co.uk

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