Enlightening branding for Beacons, a play set on the cliffs of the South Downs

Eastbourne Theatres approached PRG for help promoting the forthcoming play Beacons, which is due to tread the boards of the Devonshire Park Theatre this March.

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Eastbourne Theatres




The play written by Tabitha Mortiboy, tells of love, loss and midnight ice cream sundaes, eaten under the starlit skies of the South Downs. The client needed a design for promotional posters and flyers, ideally combining the plays two main features, the picturesque setting of Beachy Head and a traditional seaside ice cream van.


PRG took inspiration from the supplied image of Beachy Head, but changed the lighting to show a darkened starlit sky as the play is set at night. The PRG designers also added a light shining from the ‘beacon’ at the top of the lighthouse; this gives a focal point and ties perfectly with the name of the play.

The entire image was then placed within a setting designed to give the impression of a melting ice cream cone. This again references the storyline of the play, whilst highlighting the light and dark of the subject matter. It makes the image more eye-catching and lifts it from being a moody landscape to a thought provoking conceptual piece.


The final element required was the title treatment; the client was keen that the lettering used for the title took inspiration from iconic ice cream van lettering. The final lettering used takes inspiration from the retro ice cream van lettering, whilst the colouring used helps it to resemble ice cream sauce.

The flyer required the design of an additional page for the reverse; this second page features the play’s second main feature, an ice cream van. The ice cream van image echoes the poster as it features the same distinctive starlit sky.


The client was thrilled with the design, making very minor amends. Beacons will be on stage at the Devonshire Park Theatre from the 2nd to the 4th of March.

Take a look at the website here: www.eastbournetheatres.co.uk/events/beacons

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