PRG creates new website for the UK’s first Pinseria

Established in 2017, Gianni’s is an authentic family-run Italian restaurant located in Victoria Place, Eastbourne’s gateway to the seafront.

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Gianni’s Italian restaurant


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Victoria Place will be at the forefront of major investment in the coming years, with plans in place to create a fantastic continental-style outdoor dining experience, offering tourists and locals alike the opportunity to enjoy Eastbourne at its very best.

Gianni’s will be at the heart of this investment; situated in close proximity to a number of seafront hotels gives it a real pull factor for visitors. Despite a great location and reputation, Gianni’s local following is not as strong as it could be.

To help Gianni’s grow its local following and prepare for the influx of tourism, PRG was invited to quote for the development of a new website and assist with the general outward facing marketing for the restaurant.

New Gianni's website, the UK's first certified Pinsa restaurant, displayed on an iPhone


PRG spent time with Gianni’s, learning about the history and what makes Gianni’s more than just an Italian restaurant. Gianni’s has many unique selling points, it makes all its gelato and Pinsa dough on-site! PRG wanted to show Gianni’s unique methods through the new website, showcasing  its menu and history to really give the customers a window into the world of Gianni’s. The new website has been built using WordPress and is fully content managed, allowing for updates to be made easily along with seamless plugin integration. The new website utilises PRG’s custom flexible layouts with a drag and drop interface, making future edits simple.

The website features an online menu and the ability for customers to leave reviews. Like TripAdvisor, reviews can be filtered, allowing new customers to see the many glowing testimonials.

New Gianni's website, the UK's first certified Pinsa restaurant, displayed on a laptop


The new website is clean, fresh, and certainly captures Gianni’s Italian roots! Showcasing the finest Italian cuisine that Gianni’s has to offer, the site is heavily based on product images, especially the restaurant’s own homemade gelato and Pinsa. Gianni’s is part of the ICA (Ice Cream Alliance) and is the first and currently the only certified Pinseria in the UK!

We always love working with local clients from our hometown Eastbourne.

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