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Pashley Down School, situated in the heart of Old Town, Eastbourne, is a primary school for children aged between four and seven.

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Pashley Down School


Web Design


Pashley prides itself on the beautiful scenery surrounding the school and offers access to its own woodland at the base of the Downs. Pashley approached PRG with the task of improving their outdated website so that it would be more user friendly for both parents and staff members alike.

The challenge for PRG’s adaptable web team was to provide a website that catered for both the clients’ needs and also fell in line with Ofsted’s requirements. Having a website that enabled prospective parents to make an informed decision about sending their children to the school was of the utmost importance to the team at Pashley.


The new Pashley website was designed by the PRG web team to provide information for people considering sending their children to the primary school and in equal measure to inform parents and guardians of current pupils about their children’s education and school events.

In line with Ofsted’s specifications, PRG’s talented web team set about creating an easily accessible website offering options such as language translators, individual staff information and up-to-date Ofsted ratings.

PRG’s web team also implemented a calendar to the website that automatically synced with the primary school’s own internal calendar for parents. This allows parents to receive live data from Pashley without the staff members needing to manually update the calendar, saving the school valuable time and resources.


Since launching the website, both teachers and staff members have navigated the new look site. Feedback suggests they have been able to efficiently and easily receive information both while at home and on the go via a smartphone thanks to the website’s responsive nature.

The PRG web team found the Pashley website project an especially worthwhile one, creating a fun and exciting website for staff members, parents and children alike. PRG will continue to provide on-going website maintenance to Pashley whilst bringing fresh ideas and suggestions to the staff members for keeping the website up-to-date, modern and fresh.

Take a look at the website here: www.pashley.e-sussex.sch.uk


Many thanks to the team at PRG for designing and helping to build the site.

Jennifer Cruse

Pashley Down School

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