LinkedIn advertising – how to run a campaign

LinkedIn advertising is an effective way to market business to business (B2B) products and services. There’s a host of advertising options including sponsored content, sponsored InMails and sponsored videos.

Starting out with LinkedIn advertising can seem daunting, but the medium can prove extremely effective. Here, our digital marketing experts share their tips for creating results driven LinkedIn campaigns.

LinkedIn advertising campaigns

As with any marketing campaign, it’s important to first assess your objective. LinkedIn advertising is best approached in a funnel format. This means it’s wise to start with a brand awareness campaign, followed with campaigns that require more action such as visiting a website.

Which advert objective is best for your business depends on what it is you’re selling and what you hope to achieve, but LinkedIn advertising can be great for a range of industries.

LinkedIn targeting options

LinkedIn takes user privacy seriously, so you won’t be able to advertise to very small audiences. Similarly to Facebook, LinkedIn also allows you to use your customer data for advertising. There are plenty of targeting options available within the platform too.

This includes targeting users by the company they work for, the groups they belong to, their job titles and their skills. It’s worth remembering that LinkedIn advertising is reliant on the data inputted by LinkedIn users to their profiles so results will always be dependent on this factor.

LinkedIn advertising costs

LinkedIn does have some minimum spends. It is worth remembering it’s highly targeted however which is a bonus. When advertising on LinkedIn, you’re bidding against other advertisers to have your ad shown. You’ll be able to see when setting up your campaign roughly what other advertisers are bidding.

It’s good to set an overall campaign spend so you don’t overspend on your adverts. Once your advert has reached your daily spend it will stop being shown that day, but actual daily spends can be up to 20% higher than what you have entered so it’s worth keeping an eye on this.

Tracking LinkedIn campaigns

LinkedIn offers in built insights in to your campaign’s performance. This includes click through rate (if your advert is directing users to a website). You can also see the advert impressions or video views for most campaigns. There’s also conversion tracking available for a more advanced option.

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