Levi Roots awards PRG best stand design

Renowned Dragon's Den dragon slayer and culinary personality, Levi Roots awards PRG Marketing Communications the prize for the best stand at the annual Let's Do Business’ exhibition in Brighton.

At PRG, we pride ourselves on our creativity and ability to think outside the box so, when we were tasked with thinking of a fun and engaging stand idea for Let’s Do Business’ annual exhibition in Brighton, we knew we’d be up to the challenge.

Dragons’ Den entrepreneur Levi Roots was given the unenviable task of deciding who would be crowned victorious on the day, as well as delivering an inspiring speech to local businesses at the event.  In addition to the pride of a job well done, the winning business would receive a free stand at next year’s coveted Let’s Do Business event.

The exhibition, held at Brighton Racecourse, saw renowned dragon slayer and culinary personality Levi  decide PRG Marketing Communications  would take home the prize for the best stand with our spoof version of 60 Minute Makeover, aptly named the Digital Marketing Makeover.

Armed with paintbrushes and tool belts, the PRG team offered other local businesses the opportunity to talk about their websites and marketing plans, as well as supporting Let’s Do Business’ ethos of assisting local entrepreneurs with starting and growing their business ventures.

Our Managing Director, Simon Groves, said: ”We are ecstatic to have won such respect from Levi Roots. Let’s Do Business exhibitions are always great events for local businesses to take a part in. The PRG team are proud to exhibit at all three of the events regularly and we’re thrilled to have been crowned winners of the best stand in 2016 at Brighton.”

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