Five ways to attract people to your exhibition stand

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You’ve got your team ready, your stand design is making good progress, but with just under a month to go until this year’s Let’s Do Business Brighton expo, now it’s time to think about how you will attract people to your exhibition stand. Here our marketing experts reveal their top five tips to keep the visitors flowing:

Offer an incentive

Ask yourself why people should come and talk to you at an exhibition instead of calling or visiting your company another day. There needs to be an incentive – whether that’s the opportunity to speak to your staff face to face instead of being in a call queue, or there’s the chance to see your products in the flesh / take samples away instead of having to view them online, make sure you have something extra to offer visitors on the day. Let’s Do Business Brighton will be running an enterprise zone at this year’s expo, offering business owners and entrepreneurs the opportunity to get one to one advice, access to finance and support under one roof without the need to visit multiple companies.

Work the room

Naturally, you’ll need someone looking after your stand on the day, but it’s never advisable to only have one team member at an expo. Having additional staff members on hand means that you can have others walking around the expo trying to attract people to your exhibition stand. They can then direct people back to your stand to discuss the sale further or give them marketing collateral.

Be Innovative and Creative

Attract people to your exhibition stand with competitions and fun stand additions to help get people talking to you. They might seem gimmicky or a bit of a ‘nice to have’ novelty, but often they offer more than what you may take at face value. For example, if you have team members who might need support building relationships or making what you do stand out, they can offer a way in to a sales pitch without the need for pushy tactics. Just make sure people are aware of what you do with any data you collect, as GDPR regulations will come in to effect prior to this year’s expo.

Think about what you can do for others, not what they can do for you

Understandably, exhibitors attend exhibitions to try and generate brand awareness and make sales, but part of selling is making sure people know what you can do for them. For people who are already interested in what your business offers, that could be a relatively easy task, but for those who may not directly need what you offer, think about how else you can help them. Maybe you can introduce them to another exhibitor who could help them – thinking long term when it comes to building relationships means you could be reaping the benefits from the exhibition long after the event is finished.

Be sociable in every way!

The Let’s Do Business Brighton exhibition offers a number of additional networking opportunities before, during and after the show. The Juice FM breakfast will take place at our expo venue The Amex stadium prior to the expo, and during, there will be speakers and seminars taking place. Post expo, the Sussex Skills Solutions lounge will open its doors for the first World Cup game of the year. Be sure to attend these events to get to know exhibitors and visitors in a more informal setting – you can promote your attendance on social media too so people know where you’ll be and when!

To find out more about effective exhibition marketing contact us here, or to book a stand or register to visit the Let’s Do Business Brighton exhibition please visit letsdobusiness.org

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