Bing advertising – is it worth it for your business?

Most people have heard of Google Ads but did you know you can advertise on search engine rival Bing too? The big question is, is it worth it and why do it? The Microsoft Search Network’s audience searches 378 million times a month according to the website. Its advertising option is known as Microsoft Advertising.

How does Bing advertising work?

Bing advertising works much like its rival Google Ads. Users can pay to bump their website up the search results when a user types in a keyword relevant to their business. Businesses can set up adverts and specify which search terms they’d like to show for. You’ll then have the option to decide on your budget and ad content.

How much does Bing advertising cost?

This will depend on what keywords you want your ads to show for so it’s hard to say. Generally, Bing can be cheaper than Google Ads for many businesses. It’s worth considering that how much you need to pay to get your ads shown will be determined by how much competition there is. Click costs on Bing can be up to 30% cheaper than the same terms on Google.

Does this replace organic search?

No, you should still concentrate on your organic search position. Your website needs to be optimised in order to get found without paid ads and having quality relevant content can also help with your advertising.

Does Bing advertising work for every industry?

If people are searching for something you offer online, whether a product or service, then Bing advertising can work for you. As with any kind of advertising, it can be easy to waste money if you are unsure how to set up and manage your campaign.

Is there anything else to consider?

If you’re just starting out in online advertising, it’s worth starting small and growing your campaigns dependent on results. This will help you to keep budgets in check and see what works. If you don’t know where to start, think about the most profitable products / services you offer and lead with those. Ask yourself if your customers are using Bing or whether it’s worth focussing your efforts elsewhere.

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