Highly targeted marketing strategy for Resin Bonded

When Resin Bonded wanted help improving their organic search results and creating a highly targeted Google Ads campaign, they called in PRG’s digital marketing experts.

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Resin Bonded


PRG’s team were to work with Resin Bonded’s in house marketing executive to help with keyword research, landing page forms, content and improving conversion rate.

As well as offering Boundworx resin products to installers and private customers, Resin Bonded also offers training for installers undertaken by their team of industry experts. The national resin product supplier required marketing consultancy support from PRG’s team including advice on social media, contact forms and utilising Google Analytics.

PRG’s team were also tasked with ensuring the appropriate goals were implemented for campaign measurement. Our team were also asked to identify opportunities to maximise marketing efforts across the board for this busy Sussex based business.


PRG’s team began with an initial consultation in which a list of key business and marketing questions were put to the Resin Bonded team. These included finding out which channels enquiries usually come through and what marketing had been done previously.

By refining the company’s Google Ads campaigns and creating dedicated landing pages with optimised copy, PRG was able to implement some quick campaign wins, as well as longer term fixes. PRG utilised a number of tools including search console to identify relevant search terms. SEO support was provided on an ongoing basis to ensure best practice was followed across the website. This includes key landing pages and blogs.

PRG’s paid search expert also ensured the company’s Google Ads campaign was achieving optimum performance. As well as tailoring copy to specific searches, the team set about creating complementary web forms to encourage an increased conversion rate among website visitors. The Google Ads campaign improvements didn’t stop there though; PRG’s paid search expert set about improving the quality score of the adverts and ensuring goal tracking was implemented across every call to action.


Results in the paid search campaigns came with immediate effect. The Resin Bonded sales team saw an increase in enquiries, as well as sample requests for their resin products. PRG continues to build on the success of Resin Bonded’s digital marketing producing targeted emails to the company’s database of clients. Website conversions increased by a third when comparing two identical periods of time year on year proving digital marketing has well and truly connected this leading brand with their target market.

To find out more about PRG’s digital marketing services or improving your website enquiries please contact us or call 01323 411044.

Take a look at the website here: www.resinbonded.co.uk

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