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Eastbourne Borough Council advertising campaign


Eastbourne Borough Council was one of 22 Local Authorities to be awarded government funding from 2007 to 2009 to help improve private homes in its area.

The Council’s aim was to increase the number of people living in “decent, warm and safe homes” in the town and to “improve the energy efficiency of private housing, reducing the number of families affected by fuel poverty and helping reduce the town’s CO2 emissions.”

To encourage applications for grants and interest-free loans, the Council appointed PRG to run an advertising campaign.


At our recommendation, Eastbourne Borough Council agreed to an advertising campaign that involved multiple formats and locations including advertising at bus shelters, on buses, in local publications, and in local shop windows.

We came up with a catchy campaign theme, ‘Because you deserve it’, which arouses curiosity (‘what do I deserve?’) and affirms entitlement.

To overcome suspicions that the advertised financial assistance might seem too good to be true, our advertising campaign featured residents of Eastbourne who had already received Council assistance to improve their homes. By contrasting these ordinary folk with the wealthy supermodels who peddled L’Oréal’s ‘Because you’re worth it’, the PRG-inspired campaign is engagingly humorous and memorable.


Eastbourne Borough Council benefited from the advertising campaign and by using real successful home improvements executed by the council to draw attention to itself, therefore raising its profile and confidence in reliability.

Because you deserve the very best advertising campaign –  call us on 01323 411044 or email us your enquiry.

Designed and developed by PRG

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