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Email marketing campaign for plastic pallet supplier


PRG client Goplasticpallets.com – the UK’s leading independent supplier of plastic pallets and boxes – approached us four years ago for help improving its email marketing campaigns. At the time, the company’s e-shots were failing to spur customers to get in touch, so our job was to come up with a strategy to improve email engagement.


First of all we needed to get to the bottom of why Goplasticpallets.com’s email campaigns weren’t having the desired effect.

We started by reviewing the existing e-shot design. Although not unattractive, we identified a number of areas for improvement, including the tone of voice, the headlines (which were not very enticing), lack of calls-to-action and use of product imagery. We then set about creating a new e-shot design, taking these areas into consideration.

The client had a lot of customer data, but it was unclear how ‘clean’ the data was. We trialled an email marketing campaign using our new e-shot design and found that the data had a high number of bounces – most were incorrect or old email addresses. We then cleansed the data to remove the bounces and make sure our email campaigns moving forwards would only be targeting current customers.


We have now been managing Goplasticpallets.com’s email marketing campaigns for the last four years. In this time we have evolved the e-shot design several times to keep it looking fresh and have also segmented the client’s data so that we now have 10 sector-specific lists, so we can target customers with relevant product updates and information.

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