PRG Fuels the Team for Further Growth

Setting plans for the year ahead with the Business Jet Engine®

This month we welcomed Martin Riley, Business & Leadership Coach and Founder of the Business Jet Engine® to PRG to engage the team in what we affectionately call a “Business Jet Engine reset.”

The Business Jet Engine is a simple but powerful growth model that gives business owners the clarity and confidence to effectively build their business. Using his clever jet engine analogy, Martin helps businesses identify key areas to improve for the greatest impact and create simple but effective plans for growth.

Monday 22nd April saw us bringing the whole PRG team together in our meeting room to help set our priorities for the year ahead. The process involved scoring and discussing the strengths and weaknesses of our business, identifying key areas to improve, and creating a simple, but achievable plan of action!

Martin Riley said: “This marked my third time visiting PRG for a Business Jet Engine reset. Despite the serious nature of the session, we tackled it in a light-hearted manner, which involved everyone, amplifying the impact.

“Diverse perspectives enrich the dialogue and create opportunities to fill any knowledge gaps. Each team member feels a sense of understanding, ownership, and motivation.”

Our MD Simon Groves said: “Martin steered us through another brilliant planning session. It was great to set out plans for the year ahead and come away with a plan of action that involves the entire team. I was delighted with how everyone participated and shared their opinions.

“We have a strong team in place and big plans for the year ahead.”

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