Think your brand is too dull for marketing campaigns – think again!

It’s easy to look at some of the most famous business to consumer marketing campaigns in all their viral glory and think your business to business brand can’t emulate their success.

Clothing companies, sporting and lifestyle brands it seems have no end of options to keep visitors sharing, talking and most importantly, buying.

But what if your brand offers a service or a universally perceived (but necessary nonetheless) dull product? The principles of marketing remain the same, but you’ll need to approach your campaigns a little differently.

Think about problem solving

Many successful marketing campaigns tap in to an emotion or a memory, but business to business marketing should focus more on problem solving. Perhaps your prospective clients don’t even realise they have an issue or that you can make their lives easier. Communicating their issue and what you can do to help in a clear and concise way can help kick start your marketing efforts.

Don’t be afraid to show personality

Increasingly, brands from every sector are showcasing personality. After all, if what you offer is service based, potential customers may be in touch with your team at some point. Showing personality and adding humour where appropriate needn’t damage your brand, when done properly, it’s an asset. In a world where often human interaction can be lacking, showing a human face within your brand can help people better connect with what you offer.

Show why you’re different

For most consumers whether business to business or otherwise, price is a sticking point. It doesn’t have to be your only differentiation with your competitors however. Often businesses will pay a premium for reliability, speed of service or if they receive a recommendation for your business. Play on these strengths in your marketing campaigns.

Fun doesn’t equal unprofessional

Think about your brand’s overall experience – what do you want your customers to come away from your business and think about you? Chances are, whatever you sell, you don’t want them to think you lack innovation. You may not be able to take the ‘fun’ aspect of marketing to the same lengths as B2C brands, but the likes of Eddie Stobart have engaged consumers and generated wider brand awareness by offering consumers the chance to have a vehicle named after them.

Show you care

Caring isn’t just for B2C brands – many people now look to businesses to lead the way when it comes to corporate social responsibility. Not only can you play a part in helping to save the environment and local communities, but you can also connect your brand values with that of your audience.

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