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Educational leadership awards ceremony launch


EMLC is an independent charity, which specialises in leadership development in education, and it certainly had a lot to tell the world. PRG organised a launch event for The EMLC Education Leadership Awards that would impress the 60 invited VIPs: an evening of champagne and cocktails, live jazz music, fine dining, and a keynote speech from a famous leader and motivator.


To emphasise the leadership theme set by the charity, PRG selected the World Stage banquet room at Madame Tussauds in London as the venue, where guests were able to enjoy the event whilst surrounded by waxworks of great leaders from history. As guests entered the reception bar, they were photographed beside an eerily convincing waxwork of Winston Churchill.

We hired a guest speaker for the awards ceremony launch event who fitted perfectly into the theme of leadership and education of the evening: former teacher Sir Clive Woodward OBE, the former England rugby coach who led England to World Cup victory in 2003. EMLC’s Chief Executive and Chairman of the Trustees made other speeches throughout the evening from the stage.

When guests left the awards ceremony launch event, they were handed an autographed copy of Sir Clive Woodward’s book Winning! along with an EMLC-branded commemorative sticker and EMLC-branded bookmark.


Guests were given a bigger surprise still when, a week later, they received through the post an OK! Magazine-style four-page newsletter with a front cover photo of themselves stood next to Winston Churchill.

EMLC’s Chief Executive, Jan Marshall, said: “It was a fabulous venue and a fabulous evening. The awards ceremony was a resounding success.”

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