Marketing campaign urges building owners to evaluate their fire safety strategy

When Chubb was looking to launch its new Fire Door Inspection offering to highlight the importance of regular inspections, PRG created a multi-channel marketing campaign to reach the widest possible audience.

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Chubb Fire & Security Ltd


Chubb Fire & Security Ltd is a leading provider of fire safety and security solutions for customers worldwide. PRG supports the UK arm of Chubb with a combination of PR and marketing activity, which includes helping launch new products and solutions designed to detect and prevent fire safety and security incidents.

One of our latest projects required us to build a marketing campaign to help launch Chubb’s new Fire Door Inspection offering to highlight the importance of regular fire door inspections.

Fire door inspections help stop the spread of fire, contain smoke and protect evacuation routes by checking the condition and components of a fire door are in good working order. They are a critical part of a building’s fire safety strategy, so it was imperative that the marketing campaign clearly explained how Chubb’s fire door inspections help building owners maintain safe environments and conform to the latest fire safety legislation.


Chubb was looking to launch this campaign far and wide, so PRG created a multi-channel marketing campaign to ensure the messaging reached the widest possible audience.

PRG managed key elements of the campaign including PR, content writing and video creation. This involved writing a press release to launch the fire door inspection offering, crafting content for a new landing page on the company website, providing content for an e-shot to target existing customers and supporting Chubb’s in-house digital marketeers with social media content.

We also worked closely with one of PRG’s videographers to create several videos to promote the campaign, including a face-to-face interview with Chubb’s General Manager for Fire Consultancy and a demonstration video to show what customers can expect during a fire door inspection.

PRG’s copywriters and graphic designer also worked together to produce a 4-page brochure which provided greater detail about the importance of fire door inspections and the different options available for buildings and HMOs.


The marketing campaign achieved coverage across key fire trade media publications and Chubb reported a significant number of enquiries during the first month alone.

Find out more about Chubb’s fire door inspection offering here.


“With PRG as our PR and marketing partner, I know I can rely on them to execute a well-considered campaign proposal with strong messaging that resonates with our customers. It was a pleasure collaborating on this project and I look forward to PRG supporting us with many more.”

Carla Sousa

Head of Marketing & Communications at Chubb Fire & Security Ltd

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