Creating positive PR coverage amid plastics debate

Lately plastics have been getting a bad name following the disturbing media reports on how single-use plastics are polluting the world’s oceans and beaches.

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To help dispel the perception that all plastics are bad, Goplasticpallets.com turned to PRG to come up with a plastics recycling campaign to raise awareness of the fact that 90% of its plastic pallets are made from domestic and business plastic waste, and at the end of their long working life can be reground and reused to produce new, sustainable plastics pallets and boxes.


With PRG’s strong media contacts with materials handling and packaging trade journalists, creating a plastics recycling campaign with a PR drive was the natural place to start. A lot of research went into crafting a press release about the damaging effects of single-use plastics and the need for both consumers and businesses to take a more responsible attitude towards plastics to steer them away from landfill and the world’s oceans.

To support the press release we wanted a striking visual, so we recommended a photo shoot to illustrate the many different types of domestic and business plastic waste that go into making a plastic pallet. To ensure the plastics recycling campaign reached the widest possible audience, we secured editorial coverage in advance with several trade magazines and adapted the press release into an article for our client’s LinkedIn page. Using the same material, we also designed a sales aid for the sales team to share with customers both promoting the client’s range of recycled plastic pallets and the fact that they’d recently become an Accredited Exporter of plastic waste.


As well as front-page coverage on two warehouse and materials handling trade magazines and an array of online coverage, the LinkedIn article got 70 views – the highest the client had ever achieved. We are now planning the next phase of our plastics recycling campaign.

Take a look at the website here: www.goplasticpallets.com

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