Expert law firm enlists PRG’s experts for property training awareness PR

When legal firm Helix Law approached PRG for property PR coverage support, it soon became clear this was no ordinary PR project.

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The aim was to raise awareness of a specific type of property training course, rife in the industry. Property training schemes were being used to capture the investment of would-be property investors, taking advantage of insufficient paperwork and the trusting nature of some of the course’s attendees.

Far from a small scam, the money lost in failed investments could reach in to seven figures with people losing businesses and pensions as a result. Unscrupulous trainers would sign up previous mentees, experts and solicitors keen to reinforce the message that returns on investment would be significant. Helix Law had seen several cases of this nature and thankfully had resolved many with a successful outcome for the client. PRG’s job was to help raise awareness of the property training courses that were being used as funnels into failed investments.


Thanks to anonymous case studies and detailed information about the tactics used to encourage people to invest, PRG’s PR experts were able to build a picture of how the schemes work to lure investors. The property PR coverage was to be handled sensitively as sophisticated and coercive techniques were used to make investors trust the mentors.

The aim of the PR was to raise awareness in the property industry that such schemes were becoming increasingly common and to try and avoid anyone falling for the scams. Sadly, due to the convincing narrative peddled by the training mentors, the PR also had to cover what to do for those affected by the issues raised, encouraging investors to leave embarrassment by the door and speak to a legal expert to try and recover investments. PRG approached reputable and widely circulated property publications including property 118 to cover the story.


The property PR coverage appeared in Property Tribes, Property 118 and Property Investor Today gaining the issue significant exposure among the scheme’s target market. PRG also created content for a pdf document to be sent to those enquiring about getting their assets back through Helix Law. The document covered examples of real-life anonymous case studies as well as information about how cases may potentially be resolved by a trusted solicitor. This was to give investors time to digest the information and understand that that there was no judgement when it came to their cases, only a race to assets with the right support.

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