Facebook usage in East Sussex

We all know how much Facebook is used, but have you ever wondered how popular it is in your town?

We all know how much Facebook is used, but have you ever wondered how popular it is in your town?

Interestingly, Get Me In Google gathered information to create a Facebook Map of East Sussex, which revealed some very interesting statistics. The map shows the demographic breakdown of every town and village in East Sussex.

Believe it or not, the biggest group of Facebook users within East Sussex is 30-49 year-olds. This age group being an  important target audience for many local B2B and B2C companies in East Sussex, is as good a reason as any for you to set up your own company Facebook page,  as visitors can convert to customers.

Other interesting East Sussex Facebook stats include:

  • 46% of Facebook users are men and 54% women
  • Amazingly there are 192,280 Facebook users in East Sussex
  • Eastbourne and Hastings are the top two towns with the most Facebook users within in East Sussex

In the modern world, Facebook has already become a powerful marketing tool with the ability to reach people all over the globe. Engaging with this  social platform can unleash a realm of new opportunities for your company leading to increased brand awareness, increased online  presence and potential new business.

If you would like a professional presence on Facebook, but don’t know where to start, contact us at PRG on 01323 411044. We can set up your company Facebook page and help you start building a following for your business.

We can also guide you through the social media minefield by researching your online target audience, recommending the best social media platform for your business, engaging in the conversation and positioning your brand effectively, to achieve your social media goals.

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