Five features for beginners to try on Facebook business pages

Most of us now use Facebook for personal use, and while at first glance using it for business purposes seems similar, Facebook business pages offer a whole host of features to help with your marketing strategy. From the simple to the more advanced, there are tricks everyone can try to help reach and engage with your target audience. Our digital marketing experts have compiled a list of their most useful features for beginners to Facebook business pages…

Boosting posts

Facebook business pages offer users the chance to advertise to potential customers. Getting to grips with Facebook ads manager and Power Editor however can take some time. Boosting posts on the other hand offers those with limited Facebook advertising knowledge and smaller budgets the opportunity to show the content that’s most important to them to people who may benefit from it.

Selecting your audience can seem intimidating with a wealth of options available, but Facebook’s boosting post option now gives advertisers hints about their audience selection, so if you’ve chosen well, Facebook will let you know!

Add captions to your videos

It’s no secret that video has been on the rise on many platforms for some time, and Facebook business pages are no exception. We all know how handy those videos on Facebook with captions can be for watching in a public place or on the move. Not sure how to create them? Facebook can help you! Simply upload your video with sound, and follow the instructions to add captions so people can watch them with the volume down but still understand what’s going on. No need for expensive editing equipment here!

Got a post with lots of engagement? Invite people to ‘Like’ your page!

Most people will be familiar with the option to invite your friends to ‘Like’ your Facebook business pages, but if you’ve had a particularly successful post on your page (this works well with a boosted post). Make the most of it by clicking on the people who have reacted and inviting them to ‘Like’ your page. It’s a simple trick, but offers an extra way to target users.

Check your insights

Some content works better and resonates with your audience more than others. Sometimes, you may think you know what works, but want proof? Check your insights. Facebook business pages have a wealth of analytics available to tell you how well your posts have been performing, and while you may not be able to familiarise yourself with all of the options, checking your insights at the top of your page is a good place to start. You’ll be able to see what posts got the most engagement, and equally which ones reached a larger amount of people. Producing more content – similar to the type that has previously worked for you – will help to build your page.

Go live

Short videos usually work well on Facebook business pages, so it’s worth trying the ‘live’ feature out. Going live has also been a big trend over recent months, with Instagram, Facebook and YouTube joining the likes of Snapchat to offer users the chance to interact with their followers in real time! You can use the feature to do live Q&A’s, do competitions and vlog.

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