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Case studies increase customer uptake


As part of a wider digital marketing campaign PRG was tasked with arranging, producing and uploading regular case studies to inspire would-be entrepreneurs to take up Start-Up Loans offering in Sussex.


To make sure case studies were relevant to the target audience, working closely with the in-house marketing department at Let’s Do Business Group, we set about sourcing success stories from the geographic regions served by the group as part of the Government’s Start-Up Loans scheme.

Making the case studies relevant to the audience was crucial to the campaign, allowing for the building of trust between the prospective loan recipient and Let’s Do Business Group. Those looking for a Start-Up Loan in Sussex, for example, can log on to letsstartup.co.uk and read the stories of successful entrepreneurs in their area.

A strong call to action is included within each case study to encourage aspiring business owners to either contact the group’s loans team or, if ready with an adequate business plan, to fill out a “Starting Your Enterprise” form to begin the loans process.

Regular optimised case studies also form a large part of the ongoing SEO campaign we carry  out  for Let’s Do Business Group.


Targeted case studies were responsible for an increase in uptake of our stated call to actions by 11.3% during the period April to June 2015.

The regularity with which the case studies were posted contributed to an average increase in unique web traffic of 69% (monthly average) versus the preceding five month period.


Regular case studies help raise customer uptake of your products and services. Call us on 01323 411044 to make them work for your business.

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