The benefits of mystery shopping

Driving great customer service

Ask any business owner how they rate their own customer service and the answer is almost always ‘excellent’! But how many business owners actually use a third party to measure the level of customer service and give an honest and objective viewpoint?

People who work ‘in’ a business become used to habits, routines, mannerisms and procedures without questioning them. It’s often a case of not seeing the woods for the trees. Unless you walk the customer journey and look closely at all aspects of your customer service, or use an independent party to do this, it really is impossible to obtain a clear picture of what is actually happening.

In response to the growing need for independent feedback, many marketing companies have added mystery shopping to their toolkit, but businesses who specialise in customer feedback with a whole range of feedback tools are relatively new.

Shopper Anonymous began as one of those companies in Australia nearly 20 years ago and, after a move to the northern hemisphere, the development of a unique Regional Director network across the UK and with over 200,000 mystery shops completed, we pride ourselves as being the best in the business.

Shopper Anonymous is known for quality and professionalism; our approach is unparalleled in that our team of highly trained mystery shoppers produce reports more detailed and factual than any other in the marketplace. Our Regional Director network delivers local support and highly tailored feedback and training programmes.

Mystery shopping is a fantastic business tool which provides you with third party feedback about the real customer journey within your business. All businesses, large and small, will benefit from impartial feedback which gives a detailed insight into what happens during the customer experience. Measuring the service and using the reports to motivate and coach your teams to deliver a great experience will ensure that your customers return and your business grows.

Some of the many benefits of a mystery shopping programme include:

  • Benchmarking your service delivery on an ongoing basis and monitoring trends. A statistical summary is provided in every report, as well as across the whole programme, to inform managers and business owners of the results.
  • A regular programme enables you to track performance over time and will give you the tools to motivate your staff, maintain and improve your service standards.
  • Performance standards improve across the board as teams become used to the fact that any customer who visits your business could be a mystery shopper.
  • The report questions can be tailored and customised to suit your particular requirements. The reports include detailed narrative with constructive comments about the whole customer experience.
  • The feedback enables you to motivate your team by offering incentives. If staff deliver a great customer experience they can be recognised or rewarded.
  • Staff training and support becomes more relevant if the feedback reports are used to identify areas and processes that need improvement.
  • If appropriate, you can openly let customers know about your mystery shopping programme to demonstrate your passion for excellent customer service.
  • Above all, the programme will help to ensure consistency in the service experience so that customers return, thereby allowing the business to grow and to maximise profits!

Shopper Anonymous now helps thousands of businesses to improve the quality of their customer service and our solutions range from phone and web enquiries to surveys, focus groups and training. We consider each business individually and work with the management team to develop a programme that will provide honest and useable feedback.

Shopper Anonymous is very proud to be working with PRG Marketing Communications.

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