Our highly creative marketing team can help to bring your brand to life using video.

Marketing specialists with a flair for videography

As experienced marketing professionals we can help you to deliver your message to clients, customers, prospects and/or staff using the power of video. We offer the full video production package, from initial strategy planning, creative ideas, storyboarding and scripting right through to production and post-production. We even have the ability to translate and subtitle – or dub – videos for international audiences.

How video can be used to showcase your brand

Launch Videos

Launch videos do exactly that, they launch a new product or service. These videos provide an entertaining and informative insight into your new offering, building understanding and encouraging interest. A selection of our launch videos can be seen below.

Videos on location

Videos on location are so powerful, a scene can speak a thousand words. Selling a product or experience is easier when you can involve the viewer in an immersive sensory experience. We specialise in the creative arts and the following selection of videos illustrate the breadth of what can be achieved on location.

Social Media Videos

In the current business environment, social media forms a vital part of the marketing mix. It’s been proven that visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared than all-text content, it is a media that just cannot be ignored. A selection of our successful social media videos can be seen below.

As a full-service marketing agency, you can be assured that we have no bias when recommending the best techniques and channels to reach your target market. We can work with you to establish how video content can fit into your marketing plan and help you achieve your objectives. We can also translate and localise your videos to ensure they are highly relevant to international markets.

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