Local SEO marketing tips – is your business visible?

If your business operates locally, how do most people find you? Perhaps it’s through networking or word of mouth? Maybe you print leaflets or brochures? Whatever the answer, it’s almost definite that your customers are also searching for you online.

What is local SEO marketing?

What is local SEO marketing you may ask?  Local SEO is the art of getting your business to show up in search results on Google or other search engines in your local area. You can do this by implementing a number of content and technical ‘optimisations’ on your website.

What do search engines consider in local SEO results?

There are a number of factors involved in this. Things you’ll want to think about include:

  • How close your business is to the person searching (make sure search engines can easily locate this information)
  • Which search terms people will use when they look for your products or services? Making sure the terms you use on your online platforms are relevant is important
  • Ensuring online business listings are complete including reviews, photos and relevant categories

So how do you implement local SEO? Read on for top tips from our SEO experts…

Research, research, research!

In order to effectively be found by the right people, it’s advisable to research what they’re searching for.  You may think you know, but you could be surprised – we’d always recommend using keyword research tools and checking your analytics before starting.

Think about your target locations

Think about the locations you operate in and where you’d like to attract more business.  Make sure this is prominent across your website – list any regional offices and ensure page copy includes your service areas. Case studies from recent jobs in your operational areas can also be a good source of content.

Google My Business

Google my business is a free listing service where you can add your local office locations. This also helps with visibility on the search engine. Creating an account if you don’t have one or ensuring all your details are filled in if you do can give your local search position a boost. You can enhance your listing by encouraging customers to leave reviews on your business. Local directory listings can also help improve your position.


Sadly, this type of SEO doesn’t involve sleeping; NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number. In local SEO marketing these are important steps to remember to help search engines identify your location and offer your business legitimacy online.

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