Your guide to a social media audit

You may have seen our recent post on auditing your website; this week we’re going to offer our advice on auditing your social media. Our digital marketing team will also be offering free no obligation social media audits if you’d like a little advice to get you started. If you’re wanting to make use of some spare time by improving your social presence, read on… 

What channels are you using?

Too often people are tempted to churn out the same content on multiple channels in the hope of reaching the right people. No social media audit would be complete without thinking which channels give you the most return. Do you ever get people speaking to you on Twitter? Perhaps you’ve checked Google Analytics and have seen you get a good amount of traffic from Facebook? Check the data over a decent amount of time to get an idea of consistently performing social platforms. 

Check your bios and pictures

When conducting your social media audit, ask yourself is everything consistent and on brand? Do your bios say the important things about your business and are they optimised? Make sure your profile and cover images are consistent across the board. Be sure to check website links are easy to find as well as your opening hours and reviews if applicable.  

Download insights

If you don’t already check your stats, get into the habit of downloading your insights each week/month. It will give you an idea of what’s working and what’s not. Importantly, if you’re spreading yourself too thinly it can also help you to decide which platforms are worth your time and effort. Look at your most popular posts and make a note if there’s a running theme – perhaps your posts about your team encourage people to engage with you or maybe people interact with your video content. 

Think about what success looks like to you

Each social media platform has its own benefits. However, it’s worth asking yourself what social media success looks like for your business. Will you be happy to create an engaged online community space that enhances your brand awareness? Do you need social media to be driving people to your website? Results are results – increased page and post likes, link clicks and sharing are all metrics of social media success but whether they get you to where you want to be is up to you to decide.  

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