4GOLF is in full swing with new logo

PRG hits a hole-in-one with a brand-new logo for Eastbourne's leading indoor golf simulator experience.

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PRG was approached by 4GOLF to create a new logo that would be more contemporary and align with their innovative brand.

Known for providing a unique immersive golfing experience in the heart of Eastbourne, 4GOLF prides itself on offering an unparalleled golfing experience. Players can enjoy some of the world’s best courses in a state-of-the-art facility, regardless of the weather.

The first 4GOLF logo concept


PRG held an initial planning meeting with the 4GOLF team to understand their vision and requirements. This was crucial as we aimed to develop a logo that would encapsulate their unique atmosphere and cutting-edge services.

The first logo concept we presented evolved their existing logo into something more modern and fitting for their brand. By utilising the triangle counter of the number 4, we created a subtle golf flag within the negative space, highlighting the ultimate goal of golf. This mark was placed above an additional graphic to suggest the green of a golf hole, symbolising a target and emphasising accuracy, which is key in simulator golf.

We chose Fairway Green to represent the playing surface as an accent colour, complemented by a strong primary Ryder Cup Blue to create a more desirable brand aesthetic. The ‘4 Flag’ mark can be used in isolation for various applications, such as social media profile images or insignia on apparel, allowing versatility across different artwork sizes.

Our second concept retained the same typeface and ‘4 Flag’ mark but introduced a swoosh element, representing a golfer’s swing and an analytical graphic used in indoor simulators for performance measurement. For this concept, we selected a Tiger Sunday Red for the swoosh, paired with a sophisticated Graphite Grey as the primary colour, creating a modern and aspirational brand identity. The ‘4 Flag and Swoosh’ mark could also be used independently, ensuring flexibility in branding.

4GOLF logo printed on a golf ball


4GOLF loved the first concept and chose that design as its new logo. The brand rollout included social media assets and marketing materials such as event pop-out banners. This will soon be followed by new signage for the front of the 4GOLF building and branded apparel.

4GOLF has received glowing feedback on the new logo, commenting on its modern look and clever use of negative space. 4GOLF continues to delight its customers with an enhanced brand identity that reflects its innovative and high-quality offering.


We are thrilled with our new logo and brand identity. PRG has done an exceptional job of capturing the essence of our business. The contemporary design and clever use of elements like the '4 Flag' mark have resonated well with our customers. We are excited to showcase our new look at various golf events throughout the summer.

Jon Wady

Owner at 4GOLF

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