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Located in our neighbouring town of Hastings, Buckswood School is one of the leading public schools in the South East. PRG Marketing Communications has been working and supporting Buckswood School for over five years now. When Buckswood was looking for a new website for its Buckswood Lions programme, the school therefore had no hesitation in approaching us.

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The Buckswood Lions programme is an education experience like no other. Based at Westwood House in Hastings, this beautiful Victorian manor house is a boutique educational hotel. This accommodation can host 25 students at a time and includes designated leaders. It boasts multiple sitting rooms and dining areas and also has a great selection of recreational activities to get stuck into. The students can enjoy homemade food in the self-service dining room and catch a movie in the cinema room on designated nights. The perfect home away from home!

The Buckswood Lions website was originally created in-house using the website builder, Wix. While easy to use, Wix can be restricting in the long run as it inhibits scalability, meaning there is limited room for growth. The existing website was functional, but the functionality was minimal and lacked the ‘wow’ factor – essential when trying to attract students! Giles Sutton, the Headmaster of Buckswood School, felt that it needed a refresh to better represent Buckswood Lion’s image and values.

A laptop showing Buckwood Lions' new website


PRG liaised with Giles to ensure the design of the new website aligned with his vision. Our in-house designer, Matt, worked closely with Giles to determine the requirements and design elements needed to bring the Buckswood Lions vision to life. We used WordPress to create the website, as we do with all of our bespoke websites. Using WordPress ensures that updating the website in the future is a hassle-free experience, and the site is designed to be easily scalable for future growth.

A pair of smartphones showing Buckwood Lions' new website


The new Buckswood Lions website can be viewed here. We are proud to have played a part in helping Buckswood Lions better showcase its brand and provide a more engaging online experience and look forward to continuing our successful partnership with Buckswood School.

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