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Eastbourne BID has helped bring a further footfall of 250,000 people into the town centre. We look forward to how BID can enhance the town centre over the next five years.

Eastbourne BID: Reflecting on a Five-Year Journey of Transformation

As a vital component of the Eastbourne business community and a proud member of the Business Improvement District (BID), we celebrate the collective achievements that have reshaped our local economy and set a robust foundation for future growth. Over the past five years, the BID’s initiatives represent a concerted effort to revitalise, secure, and promote Eastbourne, reflecting a shared commitment to building a thriving business environment.


Monumental Achievements: A Closer Look

Over the last five years, Eastbourne BID has been at the forefront of transformative projects that have tangibly enhanced the business landscape:

  • Community Engagement and Trade Boost: Through events like the Jubilee street party, BID has significantly increased local trade, with businesses reporting a 250% surge in activity, demonstrating the power of community-centric initiatives.
  • Security and Recovery: A remarkable effort has seen over £20,000 in stolen goods recovered and a responsive approach to over 4,000 security-related incidents, underscoring a commitment to a safe and secure business environment.
  • Visual Identity and Beautification: The installation of 130 striking destination signs and introducing over 2km of evening lighting have transformed the town’s visual identity, making Eastbourne a more inviting destination year-round.
  • Floral and Festive Enhancements: Planting 62 new wooden flower beds and investing £ 50,000 annually in Christmas lights have beautified the town, creating an aesthetically pleasing environment that attracts visitors and locals alike.
  • Promotional Initiatives: Producing over 75 videos and adverts for local businesses and achieving an annual reach of 148,000 on Facebook alone, BID has amplified the visibility of Eastbourne’s vibrant business community.


Amplifying Impact Through Events and Promotions

A cornerstone of the BID’s strategy has been its dynamic events and promotions, which have significantly enriched the local business landscape:

  • Engaging Community Events: From the establishment of the annual pop-up park, organising the town’s Jubilee celebrations, to herding Elmer’s Art Parade into town, BID has created memorable experiences that draw both residents and visitors, nurturing a sense of community and boosting local trade.
  • Business Visibility: Through initiatives like “Love Local Shop Local,” BID has showcased over 75 businesses across the town centre, enhancing their visibility and attracting over 250,000 additional visitors through various events.
  • Seasonal Celebrations: The introduction of the UK’s first interactive Christmas tree and the coordination of Christmas markets and light switch-on events have not only brightened the holiday season but have also encouraged local spending, with more than half of the respondents stating they spent more than expected during the Christmas period due to BID’s activities.


The Path Forward: Building on Success

As we look ahead, the next five-year plan for Eastbourne BID is poised to build on these successes, guided by the priorities you’ve shared. Your continued support through a “YES” vote in the upcoming BID renewal means sustaining these achievements and elevating them to new heights. The proposed £1.5 million investment over the next five years is earmarked for initiatives that directly reflect the needs and aspirations of our business community.


A Call to Action: Vote YES for Continued Transformation

The upcoming BID renewal vote is more than a formality; it’s a critical decision point that will determine the trajectory of our collective progress.

By voting “YES,” we reaffirm our commitment to the ongoing revitalisation of Eastbourne, leveraging the foundation we’ve built to unlock even greater potential.

Join us in voting YES for Eastbourne BID — together, we can continue to drive growth and innovation and secure a brighter future for all businesses in Eastbourne town centre.

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