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Successful translation agency Albion Languages contacted PRG to help enhance their presence in the language services sector.

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Albion Languages


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Already well established in several industries including manufacturing, legal and life sciences, PRG was to capitalise on the company’s reputation through tailored content and social media. Albion Languages’ specialist services include transcreation (the art of creative translation for marketing and other such content.) and website localisation. The key was to ensure businesses thinking of exporting or providing instructions, manuals, adverts, and other documentation understood the importance of using professional translations.


PRG created quarterly content plans that worked in line with keyword research findings. Alongside this, PRG set about identifying potential PR opportunities to maximise the content created. The content plan covered relevant industry sectors, newsworthy topics and more light-hearted pieces about language formation and slang to keep website and social media users engaged.

As newsworthy content often needs to be reactive in nature, PRG’s team kept an eye on relevant topics. This became especially important as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold and one of Albion Languages’ key markets – healthcare – became the focus of many news stories.

PRG set about helping Albion Languages create helpful content including advice and support for businesses adapting and emerging into new markets because of loss of business. More recently, content was produced to explain the importance of coronavirus translations after news reports suggested campaigners felt not enough translations were being done of safety information and the turnaround was not fast enough.

PRG’s digital marketing team also created engaging social media content, offering tips and information via bitesize chunks with engaging images. A quiz was created to test users’ knowledge about global languages and translation, as well as articles added to LinkedIn to increase user engagement and reading time.

PR coverage was secured in several industry publications including Tomorrow’s FM and Plant and Works Engineering magazine. This further enhanced Albion Languages’ position as thought leaders in their field offering expertise to the respective industries.


PRG’s work with Albion Languages is ongoing as we aim to continue to build on their expert reputation. With plans to expand on their LinkedIn presence, as well as promoting the company’s sustainability commitments, plans for the last quarter of 2020 are already underway. Blogs continue to keep users on the website, while social media drives traffic and interest in the business.

Take a look at the website here: albionlanguages.com

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