Investment specialist launches a suite of new client centric websites

The team at Generation Financial Services approached PRG with the desire to re-imagine its website.

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Generation Financial Services


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As with many companies, its current website focused on presenting clearly what the company offered, however the team at Generation Financial Services appreciated that to many customers the financial terms were tricky to understand. Therefore the ambition was to change to a more client centric approach, looking to instead focus on answering its customers most commonly asked questions.

Generation Financial Services wanted to segment their offering, so PRG’s first job was to create three new sub brands for the charity consultancy, employee benefits and wealth management arms of the business. We approached this by looking at the current logo and branding, researching complementary colours, mocking up designs and providing a suite of logo options for discussion.

Once the logos had been agreed and the corresponding website urls secured, the task of designing the client centric website could begin.


PRG proposed designing four sites, one overarching Generation Financial Services ‘splash page’ which would be designed to introduce the three new sub brands. Each sub brand would then have its own dedicated website capable of standing alone as a single entity.

The first challenge was to tie down the most commonly asked customer questions for each sector. Then a corresponding case study could be researched and written. This approach ensured that everything about the new websites was centred around the client, cementing that their google search had brought them to the right place and also ensuring that the site was packed with useful information which was easy to understand.

The websites were built with the customer journey in mind, ensuring each part of the design had purpose and was intuitive, from the colour of the enquiry buttons to the placement of the enquiry form.


Company Director Andy Waller, agrees, saying “The site was designed with the needs of the end user at its core. We wanted to produce a site which puts users at ease, a site which answers questions clearly, in a jargon free way. We’ve modelled it around our clients, answering their most commonly asked questions and providing a helpful information resource.”

Each of the four sites share the same design template, ensuring they sit comfortably together, but equally each site can exist as a single entity.


The new suite of websites have been incredibly well received and have allowed Generation Financial Services to bring something new and exciting to the market, at a difficult and challenging time.

The sites are fully responsive and have been integrated with Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, allowing us to help Generation Financial Services with future SEO and marketing campaigns.

Take a look at the website here: www.GenerationFS.co.uk

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