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PRG was commissioned by New Vic Productions to create visuals and promotional artwork to help in the marketing of a hard-hitting and unique play called Duwayne, which was to be shown at the Brighton Festival. Tony Milner directed the play, titled Duwayne, and Gail Louw for New Vic Productions wrote the script. It won the New Writing South and Brighton Fringe ‘Best New Play’ award 2014. The play was chosen for the award “for its accomplished script, its originality of dramatically bringing to life a real event and for bravely hitting the zeitgeist.”


PRG’s creative design team produced a double-sided leaflet and a poster for New Vic Productions to aid in the marketing of the play. The supplied promotional artwork was used to deliver the message set out by the playwright and director.

The play is based on the anguish suffered by Duwayne Brooks, the best friend of Stephen Lawrence, at the hands of the Metropolitan Police; treated as a potential criminal, rather than as a witness. The team behind the play describe the ordeal of its protagonist and the ultimate goal of the play as “Harassed by police on trumped up charges and hounded incessantly; he faced years of torment from those who should have been on his side. Based on fact, and written with Duwayne Brook’s support, this new play reveals the truth behind the headlines.”


Matt Sommers, Studio Production Manager at PRG, produced the promotional artwork. He said: “Creative design projects like this one are really rewarding to work on. We’re helping to shine a light on a play that tackles a very important issue in Britain’s recent social history. Institutional racism, which once blighted the Metropolitan Police force, is now being tackled and it’s thanks to Stephen Lawrence and Duwayne Brooks’ story.

“The play ensures that the story lives on, and we’re very happy to be a part of it.”


Creativity is at the heart of all our graphic design work at PRG. Call us on 01323 411044 or email us your enquiry.

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