Highlighting the cost of fraud to the elderly

Welbeing is a leading telecare provider that delivers solutions for the elderly and disabled meaning they are able to stay in their own homes and independent for longer.

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As part of Scam’s Awareness month, Welbeing wanted to effectively highlight the impact of fraud and scams on the elderly.


We had written a blog which had identified the problems with fraud and scams, which are a growing threat to the elderly. This blog highlighted the harm and stress such actions could cause and also listed the impact it has on the nation as a whole.

However, in collaboration with Welbeing it was decided that we wanted to do more to highlight the blight of scams and fraud, plus for the initiative to run even further in the Citizen’s Advice Bureau’s Scams Awareness month.

We decided on creating a fraud infographic as a way to pictorially highlight the problem. The visual aid would be easily shareable via social media and would also be striking enough to be recognisable as having been produced by Welbeing – a company which is trusted by so many in need individuals.


Matt our in-house designer created a fraud infographic which highlighted the problem of fraud, without alarming people or fear-mongering. The design is clear, concise but extremely visual and when used on Welbeing’s website and social media helps to position the brand as what it is – a care provider and information sharer.

View the infographic here.

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