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Stone Cross Garden Centre

New website for Stone Cross Garden Centre


Stone Cross Garden Centre, formally known as Stone Cross Nurseries is a garden centre packed with flowers, plants and a stunning woodland walk.

The brief was to create a new website for the newly branded name, Stone Cross Garden Centre, whilst maintaining the warm local trust they have gained from so many locals and neighbouring counties.


The Nurseries brand was dropped and replaced by the new name of ‘Garden Centre’ to create a new image of what services they provide. A new website was requested as part of the change, whilst wanting to introduce the latest technology to provide ease of use.

The design of the website incorporated the palette of colours currently used in the logo, along with some new shades, allowing us to complement the existing branding. Images are used heavily throughout to give the user a feel of a fresh, modern user-friendly website whilst browsing for garden goods or looking for the latest news the garden centre has to offer.

Our solution to creating the new website was to introduce a WordPress driven site that allowed Stone Cross Garden Centre to update their latest content, offers and news. Using WordPress is very simple to use and allowed Stone Cross Garden Centre to regularly post news articles and update the current Garden Club promotions.


Since the website launched in September 2016 Stone Cross Garden Centre have been able to post tips, offers and news posts successfully under their new branding.

We have also changed the domain of the website from ‘stone-cross-nurseries.co.uk’ to ‘stonecrossgardencentre.co.uk’.

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