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Eastbourne Theatres Brochure Design

Seasonal brochure designs express theatres’ vibrancy


The Congress Theatre, Devonshire Park Theatre, Winter Gardens, and Royal Hippodrome Theatre are the cultural hub of the seaside town of Eastbourne. With a combined capacity of more than 4,500 seats, these theatres vary considerably in character and style.

Eastbourne Theatres wanted to modernise its seasonal brochures, making the information clearer. PRG recommended producing some initial brochure design concepts, showing the front cover and one double page spread.


The first theatre brochure design developed by PRG used large, rounded fonts and large images, expressing the theatres’ vibrant and animated persona. The second design emphasised the differences between each theatre by separating the copy and images in blocks, and highlighted the variety of performances by using lines and columns to structure the format.

Eastbourne Theatres chose the fluid, more expressive first design, as they felt that this represented the dynamic image that they were interested in communicating, and also it could be easily echoed in advertising campaigns. Eastbourne Theatres provided the copy and a selection of images for us to manipulate into the new design. We continued the new, fluid theme throughout each page and created a blend of images and copy that clearly highlighted all the information.


The theatre brochure designs produced by PRG were a resounding success, and following this, Eastbourne Theatres hoped to continue the effectiveness of the marketing campaign and asked ┬áPRG to design lamp post posters, bus posters, bus shelter ads, press adverts and ‘What’s on’ posters.

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