Steering Success: Go-Guru’s Journey through a Dynamic Rebrand

Go-Guru unveiled: a dynamic rebranding story - where tradition meets innovation for client delight.

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Autumn 2023 saw CC Chauffeurs approach PRG with the challenge of aligning their respected legacy with the demands of a rapidly evolving business landscape. Recognising the need to exceed traditional perceptions, the decision to rebrand as Go-Guru was born.

The momentum behind this transformation was rooted in the desire to reflect the dynamic and vibrant nature of the business. Go-Guru emerged not just as a name but as a philosophy, embodying the company’s evolution and resilience.

This case study explores the strategic rationale, thoughtful considerations, and the driving force behind Go Guru’s rebranding journey in a quest to adapt and thrive in the contemporary business landscape.


Our branding experts developed the Go-Guru brand – a name that echoes the spirit of a seasoned guide. Combining sleek, contemporary design elements with subtle nods to the heritage of chauffeur service.

Simultaneously, the development of a cutting-edge website served as the digital face of Go-Guru. Intuitively designed, it seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality, ensuring a user experience that mirrors the personal touch the company is renowned for.

This comprehensive rebranding solution not only meets the challenge of modernising a traditional service but also positions Go-Guru as a experts in the field, embodying the ethos of client-first chauffeur experiences in a rapidly advancing world.


The rebranding initiative hopes to catapult Go-Guru into a new era of success, witnessing an immediate positive response from both existing and potential clients. The unveiling of the refreshed brand name, logo, and website was met with enthusiasm.


I love the finish and the feel of the brand and the website, the colour, design, everything. Absolutely what I wanted! Modern, sleek, professional with character, colourful, honest!

Jon Dow

Head Guru and business owner at Go-Guru

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