Igniting a multi-channel strategy to enter new markets

Find out how we led a multi-channel campaign incorporating a comprehensive online ads strategy, with a new website, digital brochures, PR and physical leaflets and posters.

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A dominant Italian brand MCZ, with far reaching campaigns across Europe, wanted to break into the UK with a product that is highly efficient, modern, and elegant, but unknown to the UK public.

Launching a new product in a foreign market is no small feat, especially when dealing with a niche product like pellet stoves. MCZ, a prominent Italian company known throughout Europe, wanted to take on this challenge by introducing their pellet stoves to the UK.

To ensure a successful launch, MCZ enlisted our help.


Following a thorough brief, we set about launching a multi-channel campaign that would penetrate the UK market effectively. Here’s an overview of the different elements we brought together for this exciting venture.

New UK website

One of the fundamental elements of the campaign was the creation of a dedicated UK website for MCZ’s pellet stoves. The website, mcz-pelletstoves.co.uk, was designed with the primary goal of generating enquiries and qualified leads for the four regional dealers. We built a user-friendly and informative site which has served as the hub for all online efforts.

Digital brochure

To assist in generating online leads, we created a digital downloadable brochure. This resource provided potential customers with in-depth information about MCZ’s pellet stoves, helping to educate and engage prospects. The digital format allowed for easy distribution through various online channels.

In-store posters

Recognising the importance that offline marketing tactics can play in creating awareness, we created a series of in-store posters. This collateral served as an eye-catching display in physical stores for MCZ’s four UK dealers. This helped draw attention to MCZ’s pellet stoves and encouraged in-store shoppers to explore the products further. In addition to posters, we also produced in-store leaflets which potential customers can take home. They provided an opportunity to build a deeper relationship with people in the store, showcasing the benefits of MCZ’s pellet stoves and encouraging engagement.

Local press

To build a presence and local awareness, we targeted regional press to help share MCZ’s message. Securing editorial coverage in local publications, both online and in print, helped introduce the pellet stoves to the local community. These articles provided valuable insights and highlighted the unique selling points of the products.

National press

In parallel, we worked with a national press media agency to manage press campaigns. National press coverage is essential for building brand recognition and trust on a larger scale. Riccardo Zanette spoke with CBS about MCZ’s biomass heating, helping to reach a broader audience in the UK and indeed in America.

Paid online advertising campaign

To reach a wide and diverse audience, we created a robust online advertising campaign. This included Google Search, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Paid online ads not only helped generate online leads but also raised awareness among a broad range of potential customers.


We began this process in August 2023 and we are currently collecting data and results of each campaign. We are evaluating, refining, and adjusting each campaign (where necessary), and will be able to reveal the results very soon.

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