The journey to net zero: Carrier’s educational webinar

Carrier’s webinar explained how heat pump technology can play a vital role in decarbonising the UK.

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Carrier Commercial HVAC


Carrier Commercial HVAC enlisted the help of PRG to support the set-up and launch of a new series of educational webinars. As a leader in heat pump technology, Carrier’s first webinar focused on how this technology can help businesses reduce carbon emissions and help them achieve net zero.

In this first webinar, Carrier wanted to:
1. enhance the audience’s understanding of heat pump technology, its benefits, and its alignment with sustainable practices.
2. offer support in navigating the adoption of heat pump technology, including showcasing available government incentives.

Carrier needed support with finding a suitable webinar platform and making sure the right people attended the hour-long session.


PRG initiated a briefing meeting to fully understand Carrier’s needs and what they wanted to achieve from the webinar. During the discussion, the webinar storyboard was finalised, key target audiences were defined, and an action plan was created.

PRG then set about finding a webinar platform that could bring the webinar to life.

PRG recommended StreamGo because of the wealth of features it offered. There is a ‘managed webinar’ option, a professional-looking interface, and a host of smart analytical features such as understanding how long people watched for and what questions they asked.

PRG collated and wrote short biographies for each of the five presenter and once uploaded to the registration page, PRG undertook a direct marketing campaign to drive sign-ups to the webinar. PRG created solus e-shots targeted to the pre-defined ideal audiences and used its extensive media contacts in the HVAC industry to distribute to their databases.


Over 160 professionals from the identified sectors signed up for the webinar. There was a constant 60 attendees who were highly engaged during the live webinar, watching for 40 minutes or more, with many more tuning in to re-watch on-demand.

With all the data collected, Carrier now has a captive audience of over 160 people to explain more about heat pump technology.

As well as a healthy number of sign-ups, Carrier received very positive feedback from viewers. In the survey following the webinar, viewers said the session was very informative, professional, well-presented, and provided valuable information about funding incentives to adopt heat pump technology.


PRG played a pivotal role in the success of our webinar. Their support, recommendations, and organisation, as well as strategic promotion, helped us deliver an exceptional webinar to exactly the right people. Following the hour-long session, we received enquiries from customers seeking help and advice about adopting heat pumps into their business. We're delighted that PRG helped to make our first webinar a resounding success.

Neil Hitching

Carrier Commercial HVAC, Northern European Marketing Director at Carrier Commercial HVAC

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