Lights, Camera, Fire Safety: Creating a fire extinguisher safety training video

Find out how we helped one of our clients create a fire extinguisher training video to educate people about the various types of extinguishers, their fire-specific applications, and how to use them safely.

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Chubb Fire & Security


For over 205 years, Chubb has been a trusted provider of reliable fire extinguisher products.

Recently, the fire safety and security specialist needed our help to create an informative video explaining and educating people about the different fire extinguishers and how to use them safely.


Chubb shared the company’s vision for the video and outlined its requirements. The video must be clear, concise, and engaging so the audience can understand how to use an extinguisher to safely and quickly extinguish a fire.

After fully understanding the requirements and objectives, we began to develop a storyboard and script covering the different types of fire extinguishers, their use, and all the essential aspects of using them safely.

Once the storyboard and script had been agreed, we tapped into our network of talented and trusted freelance videographers. This particular videographer has a strong track record in creating informative and engaging videos, plus he has previously worked with us on Chubb video projects. Next, we coordinated the best date for the videographer to visit Chubb’s head office to capture high-quality footage.

While the videographer captured the visual content, we reached out to a trusted voiceover artist. This award-winning artist won UK Female Voiceover of the Year – One Voice in 2022, and her resonant and warm tone helped give authority and clarity to the narration.

With all the raw files in hand, the videographer began to edit the footage, seamlessly integrating the voiceover, stock footage, transitions, and informative intro and outro segments. This process ensured a smooth and professional flow to the video.


The final video was a concise, engaging, and informative 2-minute film that provided a comprehensive guide on how to safely operate fire extinguishers in the event of a fire. The video combined expert narration, clear visuals, and engaging graphics to make the training both effective and memorable.

Chubb launched the finished video on its LinkedIn channel. It gained immediate traction, reaching 57 likes and 15 reposts in the first week. As well as being shared online, Chubb uses the video internally for staff training, and it also forms part of Chubb’s training offer for other businesses, helping customers use fire extinguishers safely.

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