Communicating in a crisis! What crisis?

Here at PRG Marketing Communications, we love investing in our people, especially when that investment can directly benefit our clients.

Recently, our Account Director, Kathryn, and one of our Account Managers, Ashley, graduated from an online training course in Crisis Communications.

In business terms, a crisis doesn’t always present itself in the same way. It could mean different things to different businesses, and can range from a shortage of raw materials so the business cannot manufacture its products to something on a global scale, such as a virus that results in a national lockdown (sound familiar?), meaning businesses have to close.

Kathryn and Ashley spent the day with one of the London School of Public Relations’ crisis communications experts, bolstering their knowledge, skills, and tips on how to deal with and communicate in a crisis.

The course covered topics including identifying a crisis, developing a crisis management plan, implementing it with clear communication, and the importance of communicating with stakeholders.

Whilst strengthening their understanding of crisis communications has been invaluable for Kathryn and Ashley, we hope they never have to use them! But as the saying goes, failing to prepare means you are preparing to fail.

If you would like some advice or need us to help you prepare your crisis communications plan, please get in touch.

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