International Women’s Day 2023

Traditionally the marketing and advertising industry has been male-dominated, but recent surveys have found that the number of women working in the industry is at an all-time high.

To mark International Women’s Day, we spoke to our three leading ladies here at PRG to find out what inspired them to pursue a career in marketing.

As a family owned and run business of 42 years, ironically our three leading ladies have collectively worked for at PRG for 42 years!

Jodanna Groves, our Finance Director, is the longest serving with an impressive 19 years under her belt. Jo said: “Working in finance, I don’t get involved in the day-to-day marketing activity for clients, but during my time at PRG I’ve always been made to feel an important part of the team. We have a real family ethos and we all genuinely get on and support each other. I think that’s one of the reasons we’re successful at holding onto our staff.”

Not far behind her, celebrating 15 years of service this month is Kathryn Ranger, our Account Director who heads up the company’s PR and marketing team. Kathryn said: “It was my dad that encouraged me to pursue a career in marketing. He was a graphic designer and when I was 16, he arranged for me to do a couple of weeks work experience with one of his clients – the luxury cruise line Celebrity Cruises. The marketing team was preparing to launch one of their new ships, so I was involved in prepping invites, arranging interviews, sourcing goody bags and all sorts. I loved every second of it and that got me hooked on marketing.”

Last, but by no means least, is Amy Henkel, our Senior Account Manager who during her 8 years at PRG has driven many a marketing campaign and discovered a real passion for branding. Amy said: “I’ve always been a very creative person; at school I excelled in fine art and creative writing, but I wasn’t aware that this could become my career. Looking back, it all started with the Anthony Hopkins ‘Big campaign’ which was launched to promote Barclays Bank, my employer at the time. It inspired me so much that I left my job and went to university to study marketing. I love being able to put my creative talents to use for my clients, I find branding especially rewarding, being able to bring a brand to life is incredibly satisfying.

PRG wouldn’t be the same without our wonderful women. So here’s to you Jo, Kathryn and Amy! Thank you for all your hard work and commitment to PRG.

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